Friday, May 30, 2008

Naked grief :-(

Techcrunch caught wind of what had happened at Naked and on Wednesday, Mike wrote a thorough post [Naked stripped bare,startup runs out of cash, enters liquidation] about what's been going on. David @ thenextweb wrote a follow-up to Mikes post [Why we did not publish The Naked Truth] , and Mike wrote back today addressing the points raised in thenexweb story [Disecting Naked, when and what to publish about a failing startup].
It's sad that Naked is unintentionally causing more grief, when so much has been created already :-(

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Vodafone Station

Here's a great new product from Voda, recently announced by Vodafone Italy for launch this summer. An ADSL gateway with a detachable HSDPA dongle, it gets us one step closer to a personal connectivity solution from a single provider with a single bill.

It also has a huge USP in they way it solves the typical horrid broadband provisioning experience - you normally have to sign up to a provider and wait a number of weeks or months until your connected. The VF Station includes a detachable HSPA dongle so you can be up and running immediately with connectivity, and when the fixed-line connection is activated, the remotely-managed backhaul switches from HSDPA to ADSL. And when you need to be out and about, you simply detach the dongle from the gateway, and pop it in to the side of your laptop. Very neat, and a great FMC product solution.

More info here

via TeleGeography

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Naked update...

Naked has had a tough few days - we've run out of cash and are facing some very disappointing consequences. And all this comes at a time when we were literally a few weeks short of opening up the service as a full Private Beta.
I'm therefore exploring all options to see what can we can do. No-one ever said start-ups were easy ;-)
theNEXTweb appreciated our update to our current beta members.