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Vodafone 360 Launched...

this is whats been keeping me busy for the last 12 months...

Vodafone Press Release here

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"In Iran, a country where 70 percent of the population is under 30 years old, text messaging is a norm. Blogging is in vogue. According to an online video called "Iran: A Nation of Bloggers," created by students at Vancouver Film School last year, Iran is the third largest country of bloggers. (For more on the Arabic and Persian blogosphere, check out these studies from the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University.)"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

O2 Joggler

I've seen this product concept in several guises over the last few years, but O2 have been the first to launch a product, part of their 'Family' proposition. It's a new device targeted at the household - "think of it as your new fridge door".

Key to the product concept is a calendar which will text the family members to remind them of what they should be doing (piano lessons, rugby practice, parents evening etc). Other features include:

  • View and load your favourite music, videos and photos
  • The latest news and sports headlines
  • Weather report
  • Traffic updates for major roads in the UK
  • Music*, photos, videos and so much more
  • A device that can be updated automatically, which never goes out of date
More about O2 Family here
Pocket-Lint Review

Nokia's Ovi Store opens its doors..

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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Limor Fried, MIT graduate and founder of Adafruit Industries, has successfully combined personal fabrication, social messaging, and green electronics to create a device that monitors and publically reports energy consumption of appliances and electronics.
In his 2005 book “FAB: The Coming Revolution on Your Desktop - From Personal Computers to Personal Fabrication” Neil Gershenfeld describes the future of engineering design as moving away from mass production to personal fabrication. According to Gershenfeld, driven by the desire for personalized products, people will begin modifying technology by adapting commercial products for unique personal applications.
A look at the Adafruit Industries Web site suggests the first wave of Gershenfeld’s personal fabrication future is already here.
Aren't all big ideas a byproduct of personal fabrication?
via DesignNews

Thursday, April 02, 2009

€150k for mobile internet start-ups!

Vodafone are putting their money where their mouth is when is comes to mobile innovation, and are organising a competition in association with Mobile Monday London and MM Amsterdam to give away €150k to the best mobile internet start-ups.
Go here for more info

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Back to mobile -

OK, so I digressed, back to mobile, the web, and the dots around me....

Myflyscreen - we've seen the concept before - the 'idle' home screen, but this one rocks, for (at least) one reason - it doesn't kill your battery life! Every single one I've tried in the last few years has left a Series 60 dead in a couple of hours. This one doesn't, and I've been testing it for over 2 months.

What, Who, Where & When?
Myflyscreen is a mobile start up out of Israel, founded last year, and funded by Yossi Vardi. It launched in private alpha last September at Techchrunch50 DemoPit.

It installed and activated simply and easily on a test N95.

I tend to keep my mobile next to my laptop during the day, a kind of technology sheep fence ideology (the blackberry (email) sits to the left, mobile (voice/sms) to the right - (that's worth another post on it's own)).
On an average day I work in 3 locations; home, office 1 and office 2. The light conditions, height and location vary. Consistently, in any location, Myflyscreen provides a VISIBLE up to the (20) minute news update on a set of RSS feeds, customised by me:

In their own words, Cellogic put it very succinctly, "We have created FlyScreen, the first always-on, fully customizable mobile content portal. FlyScreen allows users to take content that they would normally need to open their browser to surf for, and have it surfed up to them, always available at a glance on the mobile screen".

Given the right distribution, this could add a lot of value to any service experience that is currently suffering from being 'hidden', i.e. 2 ckicks away, tucked away in 'Applications' (where most Nokiaware ends up). Make it timely (@20 min), make it relevant, and make it not kill my battery!


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Social marketing example - Whopper Sacrifice

Burger King have created an app for Facebook whereby if you delete 10 friends, you get a free whopper - your wall notifies everyone what you've done. Genius!

Download the app here