Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Mobile Survival Kit

A number of mobile start-ups have teamed up to offer their services to 'revellers' (i've always wanted to use that word) heading off to muddy fields for tunes and camping at this years calendar of music festivals. The Mobile Survival Kit highlights 3 services that are extremely handy:

"Texperts has a team of music and festival experts on-hand 24/7 to help you with all those burning festival questions!
What is the name of the singer from the Ting Tings?
Where’s the nearest clean loo?"

"Mobyko enables you to backup your mobile online, so if you lose your mobile dancing in the mosh pit your life doesn’t go with it. Snap away at the festival and share your mobile photos and videos using the Mobyko gallery". (You could also use my photo-blogging service Snapzone for the last bit ;-)

"Zygo gives you and your posse your own group messaging service that makes staying in touch a cinch. When any of you sends one SMS to your Zygo group then we send it out to everyone else - instantly".

The MSK site is a really neat way to package and promote a set of services that address real customer needs.