Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Monday, October 23, 2006

The Wildest Mobile Applications

John Tanner wrote a great piece in Telecom Asia last week documenting some of the craziest mobile applications currently on offer around the world. Some beauts include the ghost detector, the halal meat verification service and the lie/love detector, while others are actually quite appealing (to me anyway) - the spyphone, car alarm and power walking! Full article here

Mobifeeds - RSS & atom on your mob

Dont bother downloading an RSS app for your mobile, simply browse your favourite feeds at mobifeeds.net. For anyone out there who has mistakenly enabled auto-RSS downloading on their mobile without an off-net data tariff, they will appreciate this less wallet-busting alternative. Works a treat with Opera Mini.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Brilliant Sony Bravia Ad

Im loving this ad. I would love to have been present at the client pitch and seen the storyboard creative - awesome!

thanks for the link Kev

Friday, October 13, 2006

Huf Haus Self-build Project Blog

My Mum & Dad have embarked on a brave and hefty new project to build themselves a new house. It's a funky glass and timber design from a German a company called Huf Haus. They are only a few days in to the site clearance but there have already been complications (telephone poles needing to be moved, water mains etc). I think it will prove to be a test of stamina, wallet, patience, and realtionships but the end-product should be awesome. My dad is blogging the project from East Sussex in the UK at bobshufhaus.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

WorldSIM - cheap(er) calling when roaming?

More evidence of operator disintermediation...... WorldSIM have recently launched a SIM that is available to UK mobile users, to reduce the cost of making and receiving calls when abroad. Using callback technology, users can place a call when abroad and the the service will intercept the call, detect the destination number, then call the caller back while at the same time calling the B-party locally in the UK. Sounds quite complex, but it is currently quite a fashionable use of old technology to address a growing customer need for cheap international calling (the much PR'd Jajah works in a similar way). WorldSIM also makes it cheaper (and in many European countries FREE) to receive a call when abroad, something that all mobile operators currently charge for. In most cases, these propositions are possible by intercepting the customers call and routing the main leg of the call over IP. It then hooks in to local networks to initiate the connection at either end to the callers and recipients numbers, and connects the two calls together.
There are some significant usage and behaviour barriers to overcome with this product but provided you dont mind swapping SIMs and getting used to the caller experience, this is a great solution for saving a few quid. Also take a look at jajah, rebtel, and dialabroad.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

YouTube Backlash?

Following the purchase, will the users of YouTube remain happy, or will the customer base use the site as a platform for organising a revolution? After all, it was the users efforts and creativity that made the content, which attracted the audience, which in turn attracted the advertisers. Easy come, easy go?