Friday, November 11, 2005

Mobile RSS

If you can't be without your RSS feeds when away from your PC, then try a RSS feed reader that works on your mobile.

Currently on offer:

Feedburner Mobile RSS Reader (various versions, MIDP 2.0 compatible, Palm OS5, FREE)
Dace Mobile RSS Feed Reader(MIDP 1.0 compatible, $3.14 from Handango)
My Yahoo Mobile - you can read the RSS feeds via WAP that you have set up in your MyYahoo)
Feedalot - (WAP based view of the RSS feeds you have subscribed to at the website)
Ennovation MX RSS+ (Java download, support Chinese)
FreeNews (Blackberry, Treo, Java compatible, Free trial then 20 bucks)
RocketInfo RSS (their website doesnt work, but they claim to offer a mobile reader)
Bloggo (RSS over WAP)
mReader (J2ME)

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