Thursday, January 26, 2006

AdMob - mobile advertising

Omar Hamoui, one of the chaps behind Fotochatter (see August 05 post) has put on a flak jacket and started the "worlds first pay-per-click" mobile advertising broker, Admob. He clearly has some seriously huge competition but this industry prefers 'Davids' to 'Goliaths' so I expect Admob to pick up a lot of business for their pure courage. "Who dares wins" as Del Trotter once said...







Update 12/09 - Admob raises Series A from Seqouia

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Ilari Scheinin has written iTuneMyWalkman, which is an iTunes script that synchronises the contents of iTunes playlists with your mobile phone. The point of it is to give you a an iTunes/iPod type sync experience with your mob. Neat.

Group mapping - frappr

Google maps meets groups, with photos, forums and fun

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Need to send an email to a mobile phone? Not sure whether the recipient has mobile email configured, or whether they have a mobile email address provided by their network operator ?? Then, if you live in the US - Teleflip has an answer. Simply send an email to the recipients mobile (cellular) number @ and they will forward it on at no cost to you. IP tracking and limitations apply ;-)

iSpott - mobile scavenger hunt

Global mobile gaming is beginning to happen and iSpott is early evidence of this. Sign-up and they will send you text of things you have find during the course of your day - a starbucks cup, an empty road, shop window etc + you earn points for every spott you make. Not my cup of tea, but I like where its going....
With a bit more promotion and a richer, more interactive gamng experience (involving circles of friends, national/geographical teams, prizes etc) I think this could be huge.

Mologogo - mobile phone, cell phone tracking

Free service that enables you to track the movements of a friend/enemy/lover from your own phone or the web. Works on Nextel and Boost, with GPS and Java enabled devices.
mashups + mobile = massive!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Flickr Retrievr

This is mad...draw a sketch in the box and it runs a search of all images in the Flikr database - try it out. Im not exactly sure why I want this, but I like it nonetheless. A very tidy webapp

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

CLESH - mobile video

The folks at Forbidden Technologies have launched CLESH (Clip, Load, Edit Share) a web-based application that enables you to upload video clips from your PC or mobile phone, then edit them (add music, delete frames, add library footage/sounds) etc. Once you're done, you can then share the finished showreel via email, blog, bluetooth etc. Very neat, and a key ingredient for growing the user generated content revolution. Could evolve (or be incorporated) in to services like Grouper and YouTube.

Mobile Gmail

WAP access to your Gmail account at
Neat features:
  • Automatically optimizes the interface for the phone you're using
  • Opens the attachments you receive in messages, including photos, Microsoft Word documents and .pdf files
  • Lets you reply by call to people whose phone numbers are in your Gmail Contacts list

Monday, January 09, 2006


The technological child of wikipedia and semacode, semapedia acts as a physical extension to the usefulness of wikipedia. A bit like various NFC apps I've seen, it enables you to visit a physical place, take a snap of the semacode graphic, which in turn is translated in to a wap display of information on the place you're at. It works in a similar way to YellowArrow, but uses semacode graphics and provides the visitor with the ability to edit the information as well.

Thanks for the link Wolfgang ;-)