Wednesday, January 11, 2006

CLESH - mobile video

The folks at Forbidden Technologies have launched CLESH (Clip, Load, Edit Share) a web-based application that enables you to upload video clips from your PC or mobile phone, then edit them (add music, delete frames, add library footage/sounds) etc. Once you're done, you can then share the finished showreel via email, blog, bluetooth etc. Very neat, and a key ingredient for growing the user generated content revolution. Could evolve (or be incorporated) in to services like Grouper and YouTube.


James said...

Hi James. I went to CLESH and tried to register, but it asks for a promotional code. Do you have one? How can I get one. I would love to post my video clips to my blog....(I have lived in Duesseldorf now for only two weeks. I am from San Francisco, CA...more later)

Anonymous said...


If you go to:

and click on the link near the bottom:

it will set the promotional code automatically to "tiscali".
The competition is free to enter.

The Clesh guest account is at:

mk said...

Hi - I can verify it works fine with said code.

I uploaded two videos via AVI files and these are the results...

As far as I can tell this promotion is entirely free to use.

Rgds, mk.

Anonymous said...

There is a discussion group for Forbidden Technologies. Access is free after registering with ADVFN. A few more serious posters would be welcome.