Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Big bug in Picasa/Hello

I was playing around with Picasa this evening - I had some photos of my dads 60th which I wanted to post to a new blog for my family to see. So I downloaded Hello, and selected the photos in Picasa that I wanted to post. Hello gave me the option to post these pictures to this blog, or to create a new one. I chose to create a new blog and selected the URL The website seem to hang for a bit, then loaded up the new URL which was clearly in use by another user (there was no error when I selected it). jsalmon@blogspot is a grad student at University in Canada and may be quite upset to think that I have hacked his blog (which I have - but not intentionally). Luckily, there was only one post on his blog, but imagine the consequences if he had been a regular blogger. What was there, has now gone and been replaced with my chosen template and first post.
All this integration between Google properties is great, but only if its thoroughly tested. Unless fixed, (and assuming there is no user error my end), this bug could have nasty consequences for users and Blogger. Ive sent a bug report, and lets hope they fix it soon.
And Mr J Salmon in Canada - youre more than welcome to have your blogspot back!

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