Wednesday, September 28, 2005

BuddyBearMobile - mobile phones for kids

This is a very innovative concept for a parent targeted "safe child communication" proposition.
The handset has been designed to appeal to kids in a younger age range than usual mobile hand-sets (age 3-10 age range). Features include:

  • pre-set 4 number dial,
  • 24x7 babyphone function (parent just dials the number and listens)
  • parents receive an SMS if battery is low
  • kids can send an SOS-message if they need help
Dutch telco Scarlet are launching this next month
02/12 - launched in the UK market under the Teddyfone brand. Interestingly they pre-fit SIM so also act as a MVNO.

04/10 - Firefly Mobile also offer a similar device. It looks a lot cooler and sounds as though it has gone through a much more rigorous product design process. Currently avaialble in the US but probably coming to Europe and Asia soon.....


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