Thursday, April 13, 2006

Cudlz - mobile dating startup

Alan Brandburne (founder of Phlog) and Max Niederhofer (co-founder of 20six) teamed up at the end of last year to found IncrediblInc. First of the applications to bolt out their stable is Cudlz - a mobile+online dating service currently restricted to UK residents (so unfortunately I cant post any test screenshots or post much comment). You can build a tag cloud of your likes and dislikes, job, profile etc and seek out and smooch up to those that match.
The gadget wielding duo claim that "the integration of your phone as your personal networked media production and consumption device into a social software web platform is complete. cudlz' messaging is perfectly sync'ed between PC and mobile,messages are distributed as WAP-Pushes, users are billed directly through their phone, photo uploads from the mobile are placed immediately on a user's profile... and of course, there are lots and lots of tags to simplify finding that significant other".
Only just in Beta, but one to watch...

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