Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Futuretext: Mobile Web 2.0

Ajit Joakar & Tony Fish have teamed up again to write a new book that addresses how the web 2.0 extends to the ‘wider Internet’, describes the seven principles of Mobile Web 2.0 and other impacting factors e.g. rollout of IMS, WiMAX etc.

They claim the 7 priniciples of Mobile web 2.0 are:
  • Mobile content and the changing balance of power (The power of user generated content)
  • I am not a number, I am a tag (The impact on the telecoms industry's management of numbers)
  • Multilingual mobile access (Everyone, Everywhere with a phone running .. )
  • Mobile web 2.0 and Digital convergence (Mobile web 2.0 is a driver to digital convergence)
  • The disruptive power of Ajax and mobile widgets
  • Location based services and Mobile web 2.0 (LBS has never quite taken off. Will mobile web 2.0 help?)
  • Mobile search : Much more than Google on your mobile phone.

Both Ajit and Tony have been stong proponents and faciliators of innovation in the mobile industry and consequently they have a lot of valuable and challenging insight on this space.

P.S make sure you ask for a hard copy cos the last "book" I ordered from them was only ever given to me as a pdf and I'm still not quite ready for an entirely digital world ;-)

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