Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I'm completely spooked. Today, the team at naked came across this article by Nick O'Neill in The Social Times titled; "Get Naked But Do So in Private". We've never met Nick, never been in touch with The Social Times, nor are we aware of them knowing us.
Over the last 10 months we've been quietly building Naked to provide people with a way to share, interact and communicate in a more closed, private and intimate way. It addresses a growing wave of net debate and concern over the privacy of social networks and introduces a contextual construct to communication which has to date, been missing. This is important because it dictates how and who I want to communicate with and respects my privacy rights over that communication, rather than assuming that what I want to communicate is with everyone and everywhere.
The irony in the article is that "getting naked" is assumed to mean that you want to open up and share everything on the net with everyone. But with our upcoming Beta, you will soon realise that it means something very different...stay tuned...

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