Monday, June 30, 2008

Wifi Anywhere

A couple of months back, i mentioned a Series 60 software download called Joikuspot. Provided you have a Series 60 device that has WLAN, Joikuspot creates a wireless hotspot using your phones 3G connection, and you get wireless internet access on your laptop, pretty much anywhere provided you can get a 3G signal.
I was using Joikuspot for a while. but then came across another download; Walkinghotspot. Walkinghotspot from Taproot Systems is similar to Joikuspot, the main differences being that it's available for Windows Mobile devices, and it supports all internet services (not just Htttp as Joikuspot does). Walkinghotspot has proved to be more reliable as well, providing me with wireless internet access for my Mac, all included in the monthly contract price I pay to 3 for my X-series Nokia.

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