Thursday, July 08, 2004

Yahoo eats Oddpost

Well - it s quite a momentus day today - Oddpost (my email provider) has been acquired by Yahoo. Yahoo is the second largest provider of personal email accounts behind Hotmail. This particular space has gotten a little hot under the collar recently following Google's announcement that it would provide 1Gb storage for free to Gmail users. The oddpost acquisition comes as no surpise as these companies are looking for differentiation. Both Yahoo and Hotmail have increased storage space, but whats needed is a radical shift, something that will cut through Googles noise and get users chattering about yahoo again. So Yahoo have done it through Oddpost. Oddpost renders what appears to be something similar to Outlook express in Dynamic HTML - so its effectively outlook in a web browser. Its a fantastic customer experience which will create a lot waves when the Yahoo product relaunches soon. I wont be surprised if they create an entire application suite (calendar, to-do, address-book, groups etc) in a similar way. press release here

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