Thursday, December 08, 2005

Mobile Flickr - mobup + shozu

"Mobup is a small J2ME application that manages photo uploads on Flickr from your mobile device built using the Flickr APIs. Once installed it gives you the possibility to shoot your photo and add title, tags and description from the same applications with optimal user experience and to post the shooted photo on your blog".

"ShoZu is a FREE cool app that makes uploading images from your camera-phone to your Flickr photostream simple".


Andy said...

Hi James, good to find you again via your blog! Have you tried these apps? I'd be interested to know how you rate them. Cheers...

Andy Tiller (CTO Cognima Ltd.)

james said...

hey Andy - i hope things are going well. Nope - havent tried them yet due to huge backlog of other things to try out...will update blog when I have.....cheers,