Friday, February 24, 2006


Ben Keighran is the founder of Bluepulse, a company that has developed an Open Application Development Platform (OADP) and Small Portable Object Technology (SPOT). The technology "enables the delivery of data, based on a user's profile, to a mobile end-station, regardless of the network and device used, via small software applications called "bluepulse widgets". It's a bit like Konfabulator, but for mobile and addresses the core mobile application development challenges including "compatability, billing, connectivity and distribution".
Developers can access an SDK for the platform and revenue-share from the distribution and sale of widgets across the installed base (no details on size of base available).
(Java MIDP 1 & 2 + Symbian compatible)

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alan said...

Thanks for the mention James, did you have any questions about developing bluepulse widgets?

- alan@bluepulse