Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Pikeo from Orange

Last week, Orange officially launched the unofficial Pikeo, a web-based photo-sharing location-tagging map-viewable community environment which has spawned out of the Orange R&D labs in San Francisco.

"Available in French, English and Spanish, Pikeo allows everyone to share their talents, travel diaries, favourite collections and visions of the world with their friends, family and other Web users. Microsoft's Virtual Earth cartography service is integrated into Pikeo so that users can enrich a map of the world with their own photos.As a result, users can navigate through their friends' network of contacts to discover new members of the Pikeo community and the photos they have taken".

It's a product recipe made from ingredients such as Flickr, Buddyping, and Duosnap, but in it's current beta form, it doesn't taste too great. The application interface is designed in Flash which takes an age to load, and isnt very easy to navigate once it has. Uploading pictures can be done via your PC, or via your mobile using Shozu. I was surprised there was no MMS number available for users who don't have a Shozu supported device. You can set access rights and add tags as you upload your pictures, and each account appears to get 1Gb of space, which seems generous until you realise that uploading pictures doesnt work, so it doesn't matter if they give everyone 100Gb because there's nothing to store! So, yes - nice try but its broken and doesn't work. We should all check back in a couple of months once its out of Beta.

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