Monday, January 15, 2007

Swiss Army iPhone

Saw this which made me chuckle. Everybody wants one but I don't. Why - cos I think the usability will be awkward, the battery life appalling, it will be unreliable and if I drop it, it will break. Most mobile phones lead a pretty tough life. I get through at least 2 a year and a 300 pounds a pop it becomes an expensive consumable. If Mr Jobs saw the state of my 18 month yr old iPod he would cry. Me, I'll be sticking to my faithful Nokias and will take a close look at the iPhone at the beginning of 2009 when most issues and glitches will be resolved. Before then however, if I'm wrong, its hats off to Apple. If they do crack this nut, then they can build and sell anything. (thanks for the vid Bruno)

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