Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Vodafone MobileScript

Just heard that Vod have released a device optimistation script for Betavine developers....

"Vodafone MobileScript is an ECMA script extension that allows developers to access device functionality in a very simple manner. The goal of Mobilescript is the creation of a common framework in order to easily and quickly develop new services in mobile platforms, using a ECMA Script Open Source engine including new features which enable the developer to control new actions and events in the terminal".

Download from here
More info here


Anonymous said...

Hi James,

Many thanks for your post!.

Vodafone MobileScript is nothing but an R&D prototype by this moment but I think it can be a very useful platform to easily create scripts handling telecommunication events or dealing with telephony or messaging APIs. I hope developers will find it interesting playing with it and will notice the power of mobile scripting solutions.

Regards from Huesca.
Guillermo Caudevilla

Anonymous said...

I add a video showing how the console works...


Guillermo Caudevilla.

Anonymous said...

You´d better use this link:



Anonymous said...

I have had to change the link for a third time, sorry for that. This is the definitive: