Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mobiboo - UK's 1st Wi-fi Mobile Network

Mobiboo have recently launched in the UK with the first wi-fi mobile phone network. The network is being provided in partnership with theCloud and they currently offer three tiers of account, ranging from Free Trial (which includes a 07911 number, softphone and 1UKP credit) to the Plus + account which includes a Starcom L1000 wi-fi handset, free voicemail, 10ukp credit, 07911 number, free voicemail and "follow-me".
I think this is spot-on for the die-hard wi-fi starbucks addicted techno-freak, but this segment will always need a GSM mobile in their back pocket for moments when coverage is poor or unreliable. However, couple this with an MVNO deal, reliable network hand-over, and dual-mode handsets and you have reliable nationwide coverage. The tricky bit is going to be making this digestable to the mass-market consumer - ensuring the technology is hidden from the service experience so that they're not hopping for signal on one foot and balancing different call costs on the other.


Anonymous said...

I have just received a Mobiboo F3000 today (ordered on Wednesday) and it works! I witched it on, it sprung into life and I have called my folks. I hope that Mobiboo do link up with GSM as well, it would make an excellent idea even better.

Paul Dean (Huddersfield) said...

I just got mine today. I was expecting something very plasticy, like most wifi phones but this isn't. The Mobiboo F3000 is a really nice phone with nice tunes when its switched on and stuff.

I'm off to try it on some Cloud hotspots now.

Anonymous said...

There has been an interesting development - Mobiboo have tied up with Tovo

In addition they are now offering a dual purpose phone both GSM and VOIP.

I have one - its great - you can set your preference to always look for a WiFi signal and only when not possible to connect to GSM.

I was at Gatwick airport (connected via the cloud) and spoke to work colleagues, family and friends for free since they too have subsribed to the dash board now!

Take a look it really is worth it!