Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Oh, Don't Forget... SMS Reminders

Type in your mob number, when you want to be reminded, and what you want to be reminded of, and this service will send you a text. Nice & simple. It also provides an example of how Mobile Party Pays (MPP) can be useful in avoiding complexity in application design through the avoidance of account creation and billing detail submission - although the downside is that you might get spammed.

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Bruno Rodrigues ( said...

This guy is gonna be so fucked up if more people discover his "service". This is the kind of guy that makes spam the disease that it is. I hope he gets back to his sense and closes the site before some major SPAM attack gets done by someone, where "someone" can be anyone with more than two brain cells, so if you do have the right brain cell count and you have "friends" in USA, you probably should try to have some fun while that stupid site lasts.